the importance of being earnest honest

What I value more than anything is honesty. If you can’t be honest about who you are, then how can you really be open to being in any kind of relationship with anyone? because at some point you will be compromising your values and the other person(s) won’t know or understand that and you will just become frustrated that they didn’t.

I know its hard to expect from others and may seem like I am an idealist but maybe I just have high expectations? I have to say that I credit the success of my relationships with the ability to be honest with each other.

Lately, I have been feeling that others do not value this as much, not necessarily in my personal life but in general.


Thoughts? Advice? Comments? Please leave below.


questioning my existence (in my current work environment)

There isn’t much worse than working your ass off and feeling like no one noticed or appreciated it. I fell into the non-profit industry mostly by accident. I have asked myself over the last year and a half, why am I still here?

rest assured

Making a difference? Sure. Helping those less fortunate? Yes. But I realize that I don’t have to work here to do those things. I could always do them on my own. and I have done them in the past in variety of ways before I was even in the working world.

Now I am in the position of thinking about how I will take care of my child in the future and the way I have been treated at work combined with my overwhelming desire to stay at home with him or her makes me question my future at this current job or at any job where I can’t work from home most days.

I need to find a way where I can be in charge of my own work flow, feel appreciated, and take care of what is and will be number 1 to me, my baby. Thus, I have discovered the world of Virtual Assistance-ship.

My experience working in a very small non-profit, if you haven’t done so yourself generally makes you a jack of all trades. I do everything from entering gifts, writing sending acknowledgement letters, soliciting donors, planning events, editing, writing, e-mail client use, social media, mailing, stewardship, vendor relations, researching prospects, public relations, confidential filing, working with wills, trusts, estates, stock gifts, etc.

I think this could translate well into a VA career. What do you think? Thoughts? Advice? Comments? Please leave below.