Game of Thrones & Everyone Who Has Given Up Watching It (Spoilers Below for Show and Book)

I am so so sick of hearing about everyone’s concern over what happened to the Game of Thrones characters this season, specifically the Sansa Stark rape scene.

For everyone who is so upset about what happens the following is true:

In the books, Sansa Stark does not get raped. She is not in Winterfell and does not marry Ramsay Bolton. The girl who does marry Ramsay Bolton, is a character Jeyne Pool who they pretend is Arya Stark and she does get raped and not only that but she is forced to have sexual experiences with Reek (Theon Greyjoy).

Game of Thrones already has too many characters to count so it didn’t make sense for the writers to bring in another character, hence giving Sansa Stark the Jeyne Pool plot line. Yes we all want to see Sansa break free of chains and emerge as beautiful and strong butterfly but Game of Thrones is INFAMOUS for doing what exactly you don’t want them to do. Robb Stark is brutally murdered along with his mother, they kill Ned Stark the most honorable character on the show/in the books and people like Cersei Lannister are still living.

If you want to complain about the series, read the books first you ignorant jerks because 9/10 times what happens is 1000 times worse. If you don’t like to watch brutality and violence, stop watching Game of Thrones. If you don’t want to see Jon Snow or any of your other characters die, stop watching Game of Thrones. Leave room for the true fans who, of course are upset to see their favorite characters die off but are interested in seeing where the future of Westeros and Meeren, etc. takes them.

End rant.


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