What Am I Doing Here? Am I Doing the “RIGHT” Thing?

For as long as I have been alive – yes 25 years now, don’t rub it in 😦 I saw so many different career paths for myself ballerina, actress, veterinarian, dolphin trainer, animal sanctuary owner, lawyer, dentist, teacher, psychiatrist/psychologist, doctor, surgeon, accountant, consultant, yogi, translator, wedding planner, environmental org. worker – you name it and at some point it was at minimum a consideration. I have never known 100% what I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime or what my legacy would be, I just have always known that it is important that I am on the track to success.

The one thing that I always knew from day one or (the day one of my memory) is that I wanted to be a mom. At some point a young mom, but up until I was BLESSED and SURPRISED with my pregnancy – just being a mom in the future was enough for me. Now, I have a month until I meet the love of my life and I am constantly asking myself what I need to do to be the best mom that I can be to her?

Do I work? Do I stay home? Will we have enough if I stay home? What kind of job can I do while being with her? What can I do that is meaningful? Most of my time is spent thinking about these questions and researching what other people are doing in my situation. But what works for some does not necessarily work for all.

I can’t explain exactly how most of the last 7 years of my life passed by but they did and a lot of them passed without a definite feel on where I am going. I changed my major four times – psychology, biology, education and then history finally and managed to graduate in 3 years. Where does a history major get you? I don’t know. I ended up working for a string of non-profits and sort of created a little niche for myself. I have no desire however to get further education in the field that I am working in and have never been sure that this is what I want to do. I work hard because I want to be successful and because I morally feel that if you are getting paid to do something you should put in hard work and effort to get it done. My work ethic and natural abilities have allowed me to shine in my current work place and have even pushed me up the promotion ladder.

Now I am faced with a serious challenge about what to do for my family. Do I stay home? I have student loans and credit cards and life expenses that I was not planning on having when I started a family. I also feel somewhat responsible to contribute financially to my household. Additionally, I want to be able to buy a house and eventually have more children. What about healthcare? If we get married, I lose my dad’s healthcare which is phenomenal. My healthcare at my job is great but if I’m working it goes poof!

It was my birthday on Saturday and B was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that I want answers. I want to stay home and I want to work but I know the value of a work life balance and I want to be able to work on my terms – not any one else’s so this is where I have gotten myself:

  1. I need a job that I can manage by myself, something that is flexible and can work on a mom schedule. I need to create/provide a service that others will find valuable.
  2. Health and healthcare are very important to me. If we are not healthy, we are not doing our children a service. I want to be in the best shape for my baby and I want her to benefit from the foods I eat. I realize that this wasn’t as much of a concern to me as it should be and I know that my pregnancy would have been even more smooth sailing if I had been doing yoga and eating organic more.
  3. I like to help people/animals (as you can see through my running list of potential jobs).
  4. I want my blog and social media efforts to be part of my future job.

Here is what I have come to the conclusion of doing. For the next few months I am going to do a lot of research and put a lot of effort into making my health and the health of my family a serious priority. Going all organic and removing toxins (as much as I can – we live in NYC), as well as encouraging fitness and yoga in our lives. If I can commit and can see a difference and obviously, I will be blogging along the way. I am going to save and start a plan to become a Nutritionist/Dietitian. A job that I can blog with, I can manage on my own by scheduling my own appointments, a job where I can help other people and a job that helps me focus on my priority of living healthy for my family.

Sorry this was so long. Questions? Comments? Feedback?


Baby Moon: Brattleboro, VT

This past weekend, B and I traveled to Brattleboro, VT for a dual purpose trip:

  1. to get some R & R
  2. to see my sister and her BF.

We stayed here: Colonial Motel & Spa


Cute hotel with friendly staff and a nice pool

Posted Jun 18, 2015

Pros: Convenience – it was located close to where my sister lives. Pool/sauna/steam room – great amenities. Parking was no problem.
Cons: The A/C unit could be replaced.
Location: It is easiest to travel by car: Farmer’s market in Brattleboro Swimming at the ponds Visit the town of Brattleboro or surrounding towns (NH/VT)
We checked into the hotel and had a very pleasant experience with the front desk receptionist. Our hotel room was adequately sized for what we needed. The A/C could use a boost but other than that the room was fine. Small refrigerator was included. They are pretty strict about pool rules but mostly during the day when locals stop by to swim in their Salt Water Lap Pool. We went to the pool around 8 pm and there was only one lane remaining and we were free to do what we wanted. The sauna and steam rooms were a nice touch. Everything was pretty clean. I was able to sleep comfortably on the beds at 34 wks pregnant so that has to count for something.

I am never one to stay in super fancy hotels (unless someone else is footing the bill 😉 because I never plan on spending too much time in a hotel room. EVEN while I am 34 weeks pregnant! As long as I have a working shower and a clean bed/room, I am good to go.

We ate out here:

Brattleboro Farmer’s Market – We ate at Yalla Vermont – pitas with hummus, tahini, boiled egg, etc. So delicious and I got a dirty chai from another shop that was equally delicious.


3 Stones Restaurant– The food was amazing. The Horchata agua fresca left something to be desired but other than that the food was so good. I recommend the empanadas – they are not your typical Caribbean style empanadas, these are Mexican so they are made with maize and a variety of fillings.

We got a couples massage (maternity massage for me) at Jasmine Day Spa. They were very accommodating and friendly. The massages were priced moderately and overall, it was a relaxing experience.

Brattleboro Food Co-op

Brattleboro Food Co-op

Spring Water near Marlboro College, VT

Spring Water near Marlboro College, VT

Waterfall near Brattleboro, VT

Waterfall near Brattleboro, VT

Game of Thrones & Everyone Who Has Given Up Watching It (Spoilers Below for Show and Book)

I am so so sick of hearing about everyone’s concern over what happened to the Game of Thrones characters this season, specifically the Sansa Stark rape scene.

For everyone who is so upset about what happens the following is true:

In the books, Sansa Stark does not get raped. She is not in Winterfell and does not marry Ramsay Bolton. The girl who does marry Ramsay Bolton, is a character Jeyne Pool who they pretend is Arya Stark and she does get raped and not only that but she is forced to have sexual experiences with Reek (Theon Greyjoy).

Game of Thrones already has too many characters to count so it didn’t make sense for the writers to bring in another character, hence giving Sansa Stark the Jeyne Pool plot line. Yes we all want to see Sansa break free of chains and emerge as beautiful and strong butterfly but Game of Thrones is INFAMOUS for doing what exactly you don’t want them to do. Robb Stark is brutally murdered along with his mother, they kill Ned Stark the most honorable character on the show/in the books and people like Cersei Lannister are still living.

If you want to complain about the series, read the books first you ignorant jerks because 9/10 times what happens is 1000 times worse. If you don’t like to watch brutality and violence, stop watching Game of Thrones. If you don’t want to see Jon Snow or any of your other characters die, stop watching Game of Thrones. Leave room for the true fans who, of course are upset to see their favorite characters die off but are interested in seeing where the future of Westeros and Meeren, etc. takes them.

End rant.

How Do Pregnant Ladies Do This?

I am 34 weeks pregnant today and I am exhausted.

My plans have been to work up until the last possible day so I can maximize my time with my new bundle of joy. But I AM SO EXHAUSTED! Like getting through the day everyday is so much that I can barely do anything at home. Cook/clean/etc. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same or if anyone has any tricks of the trade to make the next 6 weeks go by in the most productive way possible.

So in case you’re wondering where my posts have gone and fell off the Earth, I blame pregnancy. I started about 5 posts and was never able to finish them. I will be trying to post more regularly in the future. Let’s hope I can get some energy back.