Sandwich Theory

How was everyone’s weekend? Finally the Northeast is getting to experience spring which is doing a lot for my mood!! 🙂

Today I would like to share with you a theory I have on weight loss, specifically in America. Pre-pregnancy, if I didn’t bring lunch in (and even if I did) oftentimes I would buy a sandwich. I cannot tell you the number of sandwiches I have eaten in my life – the answer is way too many to count.

As a child, I ate peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and jelly sandwiches and from there it upgraded to a variety of lunch meats and cheeses with condiments. When I spoke about this with one of my European coworkers – she was surprised as eating sandwiches where she is from is rare. I noticed that she never really ate a sandwich when we would get lunch and asked her about it. Sandwiches just weren’t a big option for her growing up.

Our options for all three meals include a sandwich – bacon egg and cheese/bagel for breakfast; cold cuts and cheese or pb&j for lunch, and several grilled steak/chicken etc. options for dinner.

If the foods you eat regularly include these items, your starch is coming primarily from bread. Which is not something you should be eating 3 times a day for a true balanced diet. But living in New York (or anywhere in a fast paced work environment), when you are on the go and always busy – it’s much more difficult to sit down to a meal with a fork and knife than to eat a sandwich with your hands at your desk. Eating a sandwich is an easy way out of letting your body think that its having a balanced meal. It is usually not.

I am not saying we should give up sandwiches forever, but the next time you have a meal – perhaps consider a dining option that is not surrounded by two pieces of bread.

Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? Please leave below.


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