so tired

I’m pretty sure I am barely here right now. Here, as in on this Earth. Pregnancy is exhausting and I guess working 14 hour days is not recommended. I have been participating in a conference for the past few days on best practices for non-profits in a similar position to the one I currently work for. It has been really affirming and made me appreciate what I do.

It also made me realize how we should get rid of those who are not in it to win it. We have several employees who are here to be here for a job but are not here to make a difference and it truly is upsetting. Any tactics for inspiring people to work or inspiring them to move on? Advice is appreciated.


One thought on “so tired

  1. Gah, I’ve been there, dealing with lack of will and want of employees. I remember taking them and treating them to coffee to have a one-on-one heart-to-heart. I would start with their strengths that I have noticed (sometimes it’s difficult), how I can see them furthering it. I go onto where I bring up that I have noticed their lack in motivation, using specific examples, and asking what I can do personally to help? I may go on to ask them where they see themselves a year from now, five years from now, what are they wanting? How can I help them achieve that? Sometimes it’s giving them permission to move on, sometimes it’s a need for more feedback. I also offer a concise10 item list of specific expectations to my entire staff, post it on the bulletin board, and have each of them sign it once their questions have been answered and they fully understand it. I know it’s pretty basic, and it may be something you have tried already, but I hope it helps.

    Gah and pregnancy and long hours, been there too! My heart pours out to you!

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