Saving Money $$$

As any normal couple with an unplanned pregnancy, saving money is really going to become key in order to make our lives easier. Especially because I will not be making a salary for three months at minimum. NY state does not require paid maternity leave 😦

Some things that we are working on are:

  • Joining Swagbucks. For the last few years I put this off thinking that it would spam me but now that I see it’s so highly reviewed, I finally decided to try it. In just two days I have made 230 Swagbucks! Woot! Click to join Swagbucks here.
  • Personal savings, we made an agreement to contribute a percentage of our earnings to a joint account (in addition to our individual savings). Until we find a good deal for an account, we have been keeping it at home. Any recommendations for banks with deals for opening accounts? Unfortunately, interest rates have not been high recently.
  • Increasing contribution to 401k so that less of our income is subject to taxes (aka bigger tax return next year)
  • Following blogs like Money Saving Mom for coupons and deals.

What did you do to increase your savings for a child? or a house? or any upcoming major life event? Please share below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Saving Money $$$

  1. Cut your home services back, especially those extra bundles on your TV/cable/satellite. Internet bundles are often more than you need. Stop going out for coffee, and replace it with homemade; put the savings in a savings account for them automatically every month.

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